Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What we did in October

Just a recap to show you what we did in October...we were quite arty...
In the first session of the month we made "Mini Doodle Journals" 
and bound them with Japanese Stab Binding Stitch.
The idea behind this came about because everywhere you go these days you find all these adult colouring books everywhere.  Some of them are beautiful, but they're quite expensive.  I thought it would be a good idea for my Make & Take ladies to make a "doodle" journal using inexpensive materials that they have at home.  Doodling is very therapeutic but some people still suffer from WPS....White Page Syndrome....they just can't get beyond making that first mark on the I have two strategies to overcome this.   The first strategy or technique we used this session, the second we used at the next.  So first of all we used an A4 sheet of cartridge paper and using different mediums we covered the page...quickly and randomly with colour.  We used anything we had to hand which included: and old eyeshadow pallette which we rubbed on with a cotton wool pad
water soluble wax crayons which we activated with babywipes
and water colour pencils.
Once we'd covered our page, we let it dry and then we tore down our A4 sheet into 6 equal pieces.
Then we bound them using Japanese Stab Binding Stitch.  The ladies all picked it up really quickly and they looked brilliant.  

 We then started doodling, with a simple biro and lots of circles.  Large ones first and then gradually filling up the gaps in between with smaller and smaller ones.  Then we decorated them with zentangle-style doodles.  The ladies really enjoyed this exercise...they found it very relaxing and were amazed at how simple but effective this type of art could be.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they have filled up the rest of their pages.
 Here's a close up photo of a mini journal I made using handmade paper and Japanese Stab Binding.

In our second Make & Take in October, I wanted to do something with Autumn Leaves....the colours and shapes are beautiful and when they've fallen on the ground they cover up all sorts of things that aren't as beautiful. 

October was quite a stressful for month for me and I had done a journal page which was my favourite method of overcoming WPS and that is writing down everything that is stressing me out down on the page as quickly as I can.  Sometimes I write over words so that the end result is that you can't read any of it at all. But the point is that you have got it all out of your system and you have covered all of your white page!!!  I thought it would be nice to partially cover my out-pouring of words with some leaves, like the ones in the picture above.  So this is what I did...using coloured crayons.  
It was a very therapeutic exercise.

Because I'd had such a stress head on, I'd not had much chance to prepare for the second Make & Take this month, but decided that it might be good to share this exercise with the group.  First of all we collected a bunch of leaves in the Coffee Shop grounds and then we brought them back  to our room.  Then we had ten minutes to write out something that was either getting us down or if that was too hard to write down some song lyrics that were meaningful.  Then we started to cover them up with leaves.  I was really impressed with what was produced and we have some very talented and creative ladies amongst us.

We also pressed some of the leaves into some air-dry clay to make coasters....but it takes days to dry so we don't have any photos of the finished result yet.

So all in all another good creative month.

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