Friday, 27 June 2014

This Morning's Make & Take Craft Group

Ahhhh....well, I've not been feeling well.  So this morning's craft group was brought to you by my lovely and beautiful daughter Bethany, who is the creative genius behind "So Northern".  She put together a fantastic  using her own scrapbooking and card making designs which are available to purchase from her Etsy shop.

I'll add some photos later, but we used these and some of her other design sheets, to make paper flowers and roses, tea bag folding and rosettes.  Everyone had a great time and the coffee shop surpassed themselves with the most gorgeous brie and cranberry toasties.

The next Make & Take craft group takes places on Friday, 11th July, when hopefully I'll be feeling much better.

In the meantime, while you wait for photographs of today's make and takes, here's a picture of Bethany's kaleidoscope designs, complete with her So Northern watermark.

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