Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Make & Taker's Get Arty!!!

Hello Happy Make & Taker's!!!
This week, Friday, 28th February to be exact, our lovely craft group are getting arty again.  After last session when I showed everyone how to draw faces in both a traditional and whimsical way,  this time I am going to show you how to shade and colour. 

This shows a more traditional way of shading and colouring
(Inspired by Tamara LaPorte 's tutorial in Life Book 2014)

Although this crazy lady has all her features out of proportion
to give her a more whimsical  character, the shading techniques are very similar.
(Inspired by Marieke Blokland's tutorial in Life Book 2014)

So please come along and have some fun while learning some new skills and techniques.
The session costs just £5 which covers all materials and tuition and
I've also produced a mini-tutorial zine for you to take home again for easy reference.
If you fancy a mid morning coffee and slice of delicious homemade cake,
then the coffee shop will be open to take your orders.  

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