Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Blimey O'Reilly...where did September go to?'s now October!  We have two fun packed workshops crammed full of crafting, coffee, cake and chatting...not necessarily in that order and maybe a nice cup of tea instead of the coffee.  Anyway,   following my recent trip to sunny New Quay in Wales (in which I saw some gorgeous seaside cottages AND dolphins swimming in the wild) and my current fondness for collaging and doodling houses.  I decided to pass this on to my lovely crafting community down at the Open Door Coffee House.  We had a lovely time cutting and sticking and getting a bit messy.  This that the glue will have dried, we're going to doodle.  Homework was to photocopy what we'd done so far, so that we could practice different doodling techniques until we were confident to doodle on the original piece of work....I should add that as I doodle mostly with a black biro I'm a bit of a "let's just go for it" kinda gal!"  It will be interesting to see what the group have come up with this Friday....quite excited really!!!
If you're interested in trying this out yourself, then please feel free to just turn up THIS Friday, 11th October from 10am until 12noon.  There is a small fee for these sessions of just £5, which covers all crafting materials and tuition.  Optional refreshments are available from the coffee house...and I shall warn you that once you taste their cakes, they are very hard to resist!!!
Collage before doodles...waiting for the glue to dry...

New Quay in Wales...inspiration for some of my collages and doodles. 
I'm currently using this view as the basis for a printing project I'm doing at college...
so more photos to follow.

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