Monday, 13 May 2013

Andrea's Adventures in....


So lately, I've been a bit down in the dumps.  When you feel like that you need (well I do anyway) to do something positive and creative, give yourself achieveable goals and try to have fun at the same time. 
I've always wanted to learn to crochet.  I remember when I was a little girl, my grandma used to come and stay with us and in between reading the encyclopedia from beginning to end, she would crochet the most adorable little dressing table mats.  I'm sure I must have tried to learn, but I never managed to master it.
However, I saw a Learn To Crochet Workshop on the  Purl City Yarns website a few weeks ago, so a couple of friends and I signed up.  I was a bit daunted at first and wasn't really sure if I was going to pick it up at all, but I didn't do too badly at all.  We were a bit disappointed that we didn't get much in the way of handouts...I think a booklet showing the basic stitches in picture form would have been useful as a reminder of what we'd learnt  But I followed it up at home with an online tutorialm I googled and I was well away.  So much so, that my list of things I've crocheted in a week amounts to an abundance of flowers and granny squares in all colours, shapes and sizes and a cushioned size square which I'm going to sew onto one of those plain coloured cushion from Ikea. 
Any excuse to visit Ikea these days....have you seen there new paper shop...tissue paper, handmade papers and even washi tape.  Fab Fab Fab!  But I digress....
So...craft back to happiness with really is my favourite stress busting craft I've done for a long time.  (Pssst...and B & M Bargains sell mega balls of colourful yarn for only £1.19 a ball so it doesn't have to be expensive either.  I'm currently, working out how many balls of wool and how many granny squares and how long it will take to make a blanket.  (That's not like one of those Lightbulb jokes, I really am trying to work that out!!!)
One of my friends warned me NOT to make a granny square waistcoat...but I'm so tempted....
Anyway, below is a photo featuring some of my favourite pieces in 
"my new adventures in crochet!!!!"
Have fun, Andrea x's

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